College Vision

The college is looking forward to be a law center by the year 2020 through spreading law respect and the rule of law. Encouraging the society to respect the law because it is the tool for organizing the community and reach a high status of awareness. Providing government institutions with well qualified cadres that have respect for human rights and protect freedom.

College Mission

1.The college seeks excellency in practicing university education through reinforcing environment that gives students law knowledge.

2.Preparing a well-qualified cadres.

3.Active contribution in spreading law culture in order to serve the community

4.Improving the staff and encouraging scientific research.

5.Designing programs and curriculums.

College values

1.Helping students to be familiar with the facts and principals of law theories. .

2.Establishing the idea of rights in students for both international and local levels.

3.Preparing students to understand, explain and analyze law rules..

4.Giving students the skills of legal pleading.

5.The commitment to the ethics of profession practicing. .