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Speech of Mr. Faculty Dean

College of law is considered one of the most distinctive scientific edifices in Iraq, as it strived from the establishment in 1988 to spread law and cultural awareness and law respect among individuals , .....Read more

About the College

College of law/ Babylon university was established in 1988 and the number of students was 169 students. The staff of the college has been chosen from Salah Aldeen university and Baghdad university. The college has applied a yearly system divided into four years. After passing these years the students are granted a bachelor degree in law.

It should be noted that the first graduation patch was in 1991- 1992 and the number of students was 115. After years of work the number of graduates reached 179 for the year 2009-2010. The college is looking forward to be a center for law through the spreading respect and awareness of the rule of law. Furthermore, the college provides government institutions with well-prepared cadres that have respect for human rights and protect freedom

College Departments:

The College of law is divided into two branchs:

  • 1-Private law
  • 2-Public law